Pursuits at Elena Berezhnaya: the SBU called the reason

The Security Service of Ukraine affirmed that its representatives landed on November 6 with ventures at the flat of Elena Berezhnaya, who is the mother of the perished ex-People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions, Irina Berezhnaya.

This data was affirmed by the press secretary of the SBU, Elena Gitlyanskaya, reports Ukrainskaya Pravda.

Channel 24 revealed that on November 6, security powers accompanied quests at the homes of Elena Berezhnaya and the previous appointee chairman of Kiev, Irena Kilchytska.

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The press administration of the Security Service of Ukraine investigated the hunts led, yet the message did not show particular names. In any case, Gitlyanskaya affirmed that they are discussing Elena Berezhnoy.

Along these lines, seeks were completed in the system of criminal procedures under the articles «brutal topple of intensity» and «state change».

«The SBU staff in Kiev directs a progression of analytical activities approved by the examining judge in people who have helped the uncommon administrations of the assailant nation in executing an arrangement to destabilize the socio-political circumstance in Ukraine,» the SBU said.

Amid the pre-preliminary examination, the exceptional administrations agents discovered that one of the litigants for the situation deliberately visits the Russian Federation, where he meets with previous Ukrainian authorities, and in addition with delegates of state groups of the attacker nation,

— added to the exceptional administrations.

They noticed that, as indicated by the guidelines and financing of the caretakers, «general society figure» methodicallly sorts out and holds dissent activities in Kiev and territorial focuses of Ukraine went for destabilizing the social and political circumstance in the nation. On materials 24tv.ua

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