Fox News tops CNN and MSNBC consolidated in October link news evaluations

Fox News topped MSNBC and CNN consolidated in the link news evaluations race for the long stretch of October, as indicated by Nielsen Media Research.

By and large, Fox found the middle value of 2.8 million aggregate watchers in prime time, up 25 percent from October 2017. MSNBC set second in the class, with 1.58 million watchers, while CNN completed third, with 931,000 watchers, amid the day and age.

In the key 25-to 54-year-old statistic publicists pine for most, CNN fared superior to anything MSNBC, averaging 290,000 watchers to 281,000. Fox News won that classification with 540,000 watchers.

The best projects in link news for October were Fox News’ «Hannity,» with a normal of 3.5 million watchers; «Tucker Carlson Tonight,» with 3.23 million; «The Ingraham Angle,» with 2.97 million; «The Five,» with 2.84 million; and «Uncommon Report with Bret Baier,» with 2,668,000.

MSNBC’s «Rachel Maddow Show» completed 6th in link news as that system’s most noteworthy evaluated program. By and large, MSNBC completed fourth in satellite TV behind Fox News, TBS and ESPN.

CNN’s most-watched program was «Cuomo Prime Time,» tied down by Chris Cuomo, which arrived at the midpoint of 957,000 aggregate watchers and completed 23rd generally speaking in link news. The system completed ninth in satellite TV by and large, behind The Hallmark Channel and HGTV. From

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