Inhabitants of the house Wojciechowski blocked Kharkov roadway in Kiev: don’t go transports

Occupants of the private complex on the Kharkiv interstate, worked by the shocking designer Wojciechowski, killed the power. They chose to obstruct the street until the point when they take care of issues

Occupants of Voitsekhovsky’s home blocked Kharkiv thruway in Kiev: transports don’t run. Photograph: Rostislav Maygur

After the dissidents obstructed the Kharkiv interstate, the development of transports of the courses No. 42, 51, 45, 63, 115 was briefly hindered, the press administration of the Kiev city state organization reports.

«Since the start of the development (5:20), the development of vehicles by nonconformists on Kharkiv roadway — Mega-City in the two bearings has been blocked. The development of transport courses No. 42, 51, 45, 63, 115. has been blocked.» — told in the KSCA.

Crafted by the transport courses №№ 45, 51,63 composed:

• transport number 45 from Darnitskaya Square to. st. m. «Darnitsa»;

• transport number 42 — to the road. Sheptytsky;

• transport number 51 Art. m. «Lybidska»;

• transport number 63 to workmanship. m. «Woods»;

• transport course number 115 to Kontraktova Square.

And additionally transport course number 45 from the road. Railroad Station — to Prosp. Grigorenko, transport course number 51 — Art. m. «Red Farm» course number 63 — st. Railroad Station — Art. m. «Red Farm».

Review today around evening time a couple of dozen inhabitants of one of the houses close to the Kharkov parkway in Kiev obstructed the street. They have to reestablish the power supply. October 30 at 11:00 out of a house where 2 thousand individuals live, was detached from power.

Inhabitants report that the house was killed for obligations by DTEK Kiev Electricity Networks in the measure of 2.7 million hryvnias, while the house itself was worked by the outrageous designer Anatoly Voitsekhovsky. From

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