Georgia reported the snatching of two natives close to the outskirt with South Ossetia

The mission of onlookers of the European Union was educated about the snatching of two inhabitants of the Georgian town of Okami close to the outskirt with South Ossetia, the Georgian specialists said today.

The men are occupants of the Okami district of Kaspi and were kept by the Russian military in a woods close Akhalgori, reports Georgia-internet, alluding to the Georgian State Security Service.

The prisoners are blamed for illicitly crossing the outskirt. «The hotline has been initiated, the European Union Monitoring Mission has been educated about the episode,» the Interpressnews office cited the Georgian State Security Service as saying.

The «Caucasian Knot» resident does not yet have remarks from the South Ossetian side in regards to data about the kidnapping of two Georgian nationals. On the Facebook page of the South Ossetia’s KGB, there were no messages on their destiny starting at 16.25 Moscow time on October 20.

As the «Caucasian Knot» composed, on October 7, Georgia declared the kidnapping of a 50-year-old shepherd close to the fringe with South Ossetia. On October 9, the man was discharged subsequent to paying a fine to trespass.

Georgia considers South Ossetia and Abkhazia involved domains by Russia. The «Handbook» area of the «Caucasian Knot» distributed material on the «Five-Day War» of 2008, after which Russia and some different nations perceived the freedom of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. By


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