Lesya Nikitjuk charmed the image of the Egyptian goddess on «Dancing with the stars»

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Ukrainian TV moderator Lesya Nikitjuk is now effectively planning for the most recent issues of the «Hitting the dance floor with the Stars» venture. For his next execution on the parquet the star attempted to make a stunning picture of the goddess who inconceivably suffocated the driver.

In such a job the star showed up on the parquet of the «Hitting the dance floor with the Stars» venture, where she moved in a joint stay with Vlad Yama and different members of the show «Divine» samba. For the show number, Nikitiuk dressed a white dress with an atskent on his chest, over which was affixed an enchanting brilliant application made of dabs and paties. The picture of the lavish flying creature was a feature of the dress enlivened by the soul of Egypt.

«Today 26! Much the same as my age. Much obliged to you, Dmitry Zhuk» — shared her actual feelings driving after his next discharge on the move floor «Hitting the dance floor with the Stars.» In his post the star included diverting remarks «goddess of parquet», «hitting the dance floor with the stars» and «woman Le».

Particularly recognized in the picture of Lesya Nikitiuk her light wig, which impeccably plunged the stars of TV. What’s more, the sparkling delicate cosmetics, red nail trim and pearls on the neck supplemented the one of a kind picture. Driving fans stayed excited about the stage picture, in light of the way that left Instagram arrange under her photograph a great deal of positive surveys. By 24tv.ua


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