BioWare’s intense new ‘Anthem’ trailer finally dishes on story details

BioWare's intense new 'Anthem' trailer finally dishes on story details

Initial hype for BioWare's answer to Destiny, the upcoming online multiplayer Anthem,was pretty tepid. It looked like every other cookie cutter never-ending co-op shooty game, a genre quickly becoming oversaturated.

But now the newly released 2018 Game Awards trailer has revealed more about Anthem's story. And it's clear the studio behind Mass Effect is distinguishing its game by focusing on what they do best: telling engaging narratives.

Most notably, the trailer revealed the game's main villain, the Monitor.

Giving off very Darth Vader meets Thanos vibes, the Monitor believes he can harness the chaotic power of the mysterious Anthem force — for good, he claims. But ending the needless suffering of the world will require authoritarian control.

Hmm, sounds familiar, buddy. And it doesn't usually work out that way.

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