Mackay — about the incident in the Kerch Strait: Similar incidents have led to world wars

The incident in the Kerch Strait could escalate into full-scale conflict. The OSCE should redouble their efforts to counter the challenges that threaten the security of Europe. The head of Belarusian foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said at the 25th meeting of the Council of foreign Ministers of the OSCE, the press service of the foreign Ministry. As noted by Mackay, the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict — the key issue of security in Europe. — With the incident in the Kerch Strait we came to an extremely dangerous point — a full-scale conflict. This "red line". Her — "point of no return." We know too well from history that in the past such incidents have led to world wars, — said Vladimir Makei. Belarus will continue to exert maximum efforts to promote the resolution of the crisis, including the provision of a platform for the work of the Tripartite contact group in Minsk. Our country is also ready to connect to all major scenarios of this conflict, the Minister said. — Belarus remains dedicated to supporting any constructive ideas and efforts within the OSCE to find common denominators for all three dimensions of security to the lives of people in the OSCE area safer. Previously, we recall, the official Minsk has repeatedly said it is ready to connect to the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict. "The events in the Kerch Strait and their consequences demonstrate the relevance and realism of warnings that the planet is too close to the precipice of a serious conflict. Therefore, the most important thing today is to avoid further escalation of the situation, with a huge fire in the region. Moreover, in the case of adverse developments under the threat may be not only regional but international security as a whole. We are convinced that it is very important to refrain from any action that could lead to new violent clashes," — said in a statement, the Belarusian delegation to the OSCE made at the meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council.

Сообщение Mackay — about the incident in the Kerch Strait: Similar incidents have led to world wars появились сначала на Latin script's.

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