What is known on-screen character Natalya Korchagina?

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Theater and film performing artist, Honored Artist of Russia Natalya Korchagina kicked the bucket in Moscow at 70 years old years. The reason for death isn’t yet called. Korchagina’s burial service will be hung on Thursday, November eighth. Around the same time, a goodbye service will be held at the Moscow Theater of Young Spectators, in which the performing artist has worked for over forty years. Burial service Korchaginoy will be held in the Church of the Resurrection of Soul, as indicated by the theater site.

Natalia Korchagina was conceived in 1947. In the mid 70s she worked at the Kachalov Kazan BDT, and in 1974 she moved to the Moscow Theater for Young Spectators. They played in numerous exhibitions of the TUZ, among her jobs — Carmelita and Constancia Bonacieux in «Three Musketeers» by Alexander Tovstonogov, Zina in «Pooch’s Heart», support in the creations of «Saint of Our Time», «Stories of Tsar Saltan», «A great deal of clamor from Nothing, «» Don’t part with your friends and family, «and numerous others. One of her last works in the Youth Theater was the play «Falale» by Nina Sadur dependent on the novel «Lafertovskaya Makovnitsa» by Anthony Pogorelsky. A week ago, the auditorium needed to drop this execution in light of the sickness of the performing artist who assumed the job of Makovnitsa, a poppy bunny merchant.

In the motion picture Korchagin was shot rarely. Among her initial works is the 1977 TV film Meeting on the Far Meridian about Soviet and American physicists. In her filmography, in excess of twenty jobs, generally these are roundabout characters. She played in the movies «Mother, don’t stress! — 2 «, the acting of» Daughters and Mothers «, and additionally in isolated arrangement of acclaimed TV arrangement — for instance, in» My Beautiful Nanny «and in» Interns «. From www.aif.ru

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