Infamous Kremlin propagandist committed suicide

Nikita Razvozzhaev, a Russian propaganda journalist on NTV on October 29, committed suicide in Moscow.

He left a suicide note on his page on the social network «VKontakte», in which he apologized to relatives and friends.

Dmitry Petrov, director of the Saratov State TV and Radio Company, also confirmed the information about the death of Vzglyad-info. According to him, the young man fell out of the window of the 11th floor of the house, where he rented an apartment.

«Tanya. My favorite. I thought for a long time and understood — there is no life without you. I would never find someone like you. I dreamed of being with you, I believed that you would forgive me. This is not your fault. I decided to take this step just because I hope I will be there with you. Although I don’t know what’s there. Forgive me. Forgive me for everything. For having hurt, for leaving. I leave with the thought of loving you. I promised that I will love you until the end of my days — and this is the only promise that I kept. I really wanted to become an exemplary father and husband. Remember, please, only good things «, — write l he

He also asked everyone for forgiveness. «I ask you all to excuse me. I am leaving. I will not come back. But I will be somewhere nearby. In memory, in photos, videos, elsewhere. Before you commit this act, I sincerely repent to the Lord God. I take per capita sin and realize all the consequences, «- says the note.

The network has already responded to Razvozzhaev’s suicide, calling it «the brilliant operation of the Ministry of Defense.» From

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